Smruti Hiremath

Thank you SO much for today’s session. It was fantastic. I thought the whole session had amazing energy and enthusiasm (from you and the members!). We have a group chat with all of the people who attended the session and it has been blowing up with lovely comments with people feeling very positive and saying they have learned so much.

Todd Rollin

I’ve turned directly to Robin on multiple occasions, as he has an innate knack of eliciting inspirational and personal stories from FICO staff and customers. His easy going, inquisitive manner belies an instinctive knack for cutting through the noise and finding the most compelling elements of a presentation. A good teacher knows the hooks to help students learn – a great storyteller, however, gently leads the presentation team down a meandering path to discover its own magic. That kind of skill can’t easily be taught, and for it, we’re grateful to Robin.


Jojo and Robin themselves brought a perfect combination of expertise, experience, fun and constructive engagement to the day, helping people to push outside their comfort zones and holding a safe space for us to experiment and try new things. It was a game changer of a workshop and has left us feeling inspired to properly integrate what we learned into our work.

Tony Barton

I can’t speak highly enough of how brilliant Robin is at getting to the essence of what makes a story compelling and allowing you to express it in your own authentic way.

Andrew Wallas

Robin is immensely refreshing, practical, insightful and fun. His work with me greatly enhanced my business and led to increased sales and an overall expansion in my business – he is a gem.

Stuart Lawrence

Before I came to you I had absolutely no idea how I was going to pull this off! The speech was absolutely perfect. Waiting to deliver it was like when you buy someone a really good present and can’t wait for them to unwrap it.