Robin helped me understand where the pivotal moments in the story were, how I could use those as solid foundations to help me remember, and to enable the audience to follow my thinking. What I’ve learned has given me the grounding to be confident in my ability to deliver something powerful, and with credibility. I have been invited to talk at other events as a result and the experience has even helped me when pitching for business. Most of all, Robin is a very kind spirited man with absolute positive intent, and I immediately trusted him to help me shape and craft my message.

Barry Joinson
CEO, The Leader Ship

I found being coached by Robin to be an enriching experience. I was stuck at the time and not feeling very confident. Robin was gentle and helped me to reconnect with the stronger parts of myself. I found him always to be a warm, fun, deep, and non-judgemental.

Student Liaison Officer

I began working with Robin as I needed to define the direction of my career. He gave me the confidence to make important decisions which have led me to a great position that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible this time last year.

Merchandising Director

What makes Robin stand out from other coaches I know is his warmth, sensitivity and wisdom. Thanks to these personal qualities he is able to create an environment which is safe and calm, making his coaching sessions a very relaxed and unique experience.

HR Manager

I absolutely loved working with Robin and had a lot of fun and laughter. He realised my creativity and helped me to release it. It’s been so liberating to experiment and play with different aspects of creativity, and to build my confidence in my identity and what I value most in life.

Andrea Anderson

For the first time in my life I had storytelling and public speaking training with Robin. It was an amazing experience, in which I learned that I do have the ability to tell stories and speak in public very well. I now want to do a TED talk!

Fashion Consultant

I started sessions because I felt that I was lacking direction and belief in myself.   Robin has not only helped me to establish my goals but enabled me to turn my ideas and plans into actions.  I feel much more motivated now, with clear path to the goals I want to achieve.  I would highly recommend Robin to anyone who wants to regain control of their life.


Before I came to you I had absolutely no idea how I was going to pull this off! The speech was absolutely perfect. Waiting to deliver it was like when you buy someone a really good present and can’t wait for them to unwrap it.

Stuart Lawrence
Director, Servysis

Robin was great to work with.  His passion in telling the story came out in our first meeting from which we edited the final version together.  His coaching in delivery was exceptional, increasing my confidence for the speech on the night which was given to a very large audience.  I would definitely recommend using his services!

Company Director

I have no hesitation in recommending Robin as a wonderful coach. I am not the easiest of people, yet Robin with his gentle yet firm style and his enormous empathy was able to coach me in a way that transformed my view of coaching. He has enormous intellectual and personal insights and a calm, wise and above all totally trustworthy personality that provides a safe space. Anyone who has Robin as a coach will benefit enormously.

Financial Advisor

Although I am an experienced speaker, I learnt a great deal from my time with Robin.  Especially how to structure my talk and to speak without PowerPoint.

Senior Manager, NHS

I had coaching with Robin in two different stages of my life. Before and after motherhood. I’ve recommended him to friends in the past and would definitely recommend him again. If you have any doubts just book a sample session and judge yourself!


The story telling workshop was really eye-opening.  It really deconstructed my assumptions about what makes a good story – and even what a story is about.  Both Jojo and Robin created a safe space for everyone to feel confident in their vulnerability, stepping out and trying new things.  The exercises were really insightful and helped to give me the tools to construct a more compelling, thoughtful and original story in the future.  I learnt a lot about myself, grew in confidence and built stronger relationships with colleagues – and all in half a day!  I couldn’t recommend enough.

Lucy Capron
The Children Society

Robin coached me for my talk at The Story Party and his I could not have done such a good job without his help. He worked with me to get my vague idea into focus and to create the narrative thread that held it together and led the audience through. His excellent suggestions, gentle prompts, his support and enthusiasm got me up to another level and led me to produce something that I am rather proud of. After working with Robin, I have a whole new concept of how to put a talk together and a much higher standard to maintain.

Colin Newlyn
CEO, After The Mothership

Being coached by Robin has been an exciting and powerful experience.

Thanks to his help I have achieved amazing things in my life.

Financial Analyst

Jojo’s and Robin’s enthusiasm was infectious and they made you feel so comfortable to be able to tell your story. It was absolutely brilliant!!

Charlotte Rainer
The Children Society

I was able to stand up and perform my speech with a level of confidence that I didn’t know I had.

This will be a positive memory that will be for the rest of my life.

Sales Director

Robin is immensely refreshing, practical, insightful and fun. His work with me greatly enhanced my business and led to increased sales and an overall expansion in my business. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone with an open mind who is willing to expand their personal and corporate horizons – he is a gem.

Andrew Wallas
Founder and CEO, The Modern Day Wizard

The content was pitched at just the right level and the workshop was well structured. Jojo and Robin were very sensitive, astute and flexible to the needs of individuals, the group and our organisational context, and very receptive to people’s thoughts and concerns. Whilst some of the exercises seemed very ambitious and terrifying at first, Jojo and Robin created a very supportive and trusting environment. The progress from the first exercise to the final storytelling was remarkable and I think we all came away with a great sense of achievement and new found confidence, huge admiration for our colleagues, and fired up to think a lot more about how we incorporate what we’ve learned into our daily work. Without a doubt one of the best training sessions I’ve done in a work environment and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Emma Langley
The Children Society

Before being coached by Robin I was blissfully unaware of what makes a great story – I had a story but it was far from great – it was just about OK. I had 3 sessions with Robin which completely transformed the content, the feel and the impact of my story.

The impact on me was quite profound as it really helped me understand myself and make sense of my own story within the story. I can’t speak highly enough of how brilliant Robin is at getting to the essence of what makes a story compelling and allowing you to express it in your own authentic way.

Tony Barton
Certified Team Performance coach

I found the storytelling workshop useful on so many levels. Not only did it cover the nuts and bolts – the art – of finding and crafting a good story, it included public speaking skills and confidence building, and was a brilliant team building session. Jojo and Robin themselves brought a perfect combination of expertise, experience, fun and constructive engagement to the day, helping people to push outside their comfort zones and holding a safe space for us to experiment and try new things. It was a game changer of a workshop and has left us feeling inspired to properly integrate what we learned into our work.

Dr Sorcha Mahony
Senior researcher, The Children Society